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The Dynamics of Distance Learning in Pandemic Times

Is it okay to take my online class to boost my skills? The education sector has gone through a year of transformation as a result of the covid-19. Distance learning has taken the center stone in the current education system. In the past years, online learning was not widespread as it is now. Few universities and schools had adopted this system.

Teachers and students are now fixed in it. Those who engaged in this system before managed to acquire new opportunities. Those who haven’t tested this system before the pandemic have had it rough to adapt to it.

In this article, you will get the perspective of teachers and students about this new system.

The advantages to students

Every individual has a unique experience with this system. Many students performed better in these circumstances. Some say it’s easy to concentrate while at home and learn better online. Age is also a factor in determining the success of this system in students.

  • Adequate sleep time

Students don’t have to wake up early and spend time preparing and commuting to school. Instead, they get enough time to sleep, which boosts their studies.

  • The education is self-spaced

There are many materials online that students can take time to study.

  • Easy to focus

Traditional schools are appealing than online learning, but they have many distractors. The schools are loud to the extent of disrupting the concentration of some students.

  • Less class competition

It’s easy for students to communicate and share opinions in online learning. Many students fear taking part in heated debates in class. They have a chance to air their views without disruption in distance learning. They can use comments or posts to contribute to the discussions. They don’t have to compete with other students by raising hands.

  • Time management

It’s easy to manage time in distance learning.

Disadvantages of the new curriculum

Not all students can access the technology needed in distance learning. The problem is common in developing countries.

It’s also tedious and stressful to adapt to the new curriculum and lack of social interaction.

  • Teachers’ perspective

The experience of teachers in the new system is a bit different. Those who had done it before had an easy time with it, but those who didn’t have a rough time adapting. Governments and companies are supporting teachers to access platforms needed for online learning.

  • Benefits to teachers

It promotes individualized attention to students. Those who fear participating in heated debates get help to express themselves.

Different projects, for example, Epals, world-wise schools, and global SchoolNet have surfaced.

They promote international cooperation by boost friendships among teachers and students. They achieve this through the education sector. It’s easy for teachers and students to collaborate digitally, communicate and share experiences.

Teachers have access to the best technological experience. Teachers can incorporate different multimedia tools, activities, and games into the classroom.

They can use diverse teaching methodologies in their online classes.  


Online learning, whether school curriculum or higher education, is very efficient. It’s flexible and self-spaced in several ways. It boosts time management skills and self-motivation in students.