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How to cheat on homework

Due to lack of time, stress, and having to accomplish some other important life event, many students end up cheating on home assignments. In recent research at Harvard, about 42% of first-year students in the school confessed to cheating on homework. This proves that many students prefer to cut corners when it comes to take-home tasks. But how to this in a perfect way is what most of them lack. Cheating is not okay, but if you, unfortunately, find yourself in such a situation, do it the best way. Now, here are some ideas on how to cheat on homework.

How to Cheat on Homework

  1. Copy from Friends:

One of the easiest ways of cheating on homework is to copy answers from a brilliant friend. In every class, some students are “sharks” in particular subjects, and no matter how difficult homework is, they will get the answers right. If you have such friends then lucky you, you can copy their work. The best time to copy from friends is when you are on your way to school and not when in class. Copying in class is as bad as not attempting to do the work at all. Also, when doing this, do not copy word to word as it creates suspicions. Except for math homework, which follows a particular formula copy by paraphrasing.

  1. Do group work

Working as a team is another way of cheating on homework. As two or more heads are better than one, working with other students brings better answers as everyone contributes. If you are given a difficult assignment, meet with friends at a safe place, and contribute ideas in solving it. It helps you work faster, and present the best answers with the different ideas flowing from a friend. Secondly, you can manage not submitting the same answers.

  1. Changing the Wording

As mentioned above, presenting answers with the same wording creates suspicions. If you are working on assignments involving short or multiple solutions, change the text, the pattern of the words, or add a few words to the original sentence. A sentence like Donald Trump is the President of the United States can be The President of the United States is Donald Trump.

  1. Visit the Internet

Google and other search engines are one of the best students’ companion. Every work has been solved before, and these answers may find its way on the internet. Visiting the internet for help is can do the magi for you. Just find a good writing company and pay someone to do my homework.

  1. Intentionally get some answers wrong

Teachers know the performance of their students. They know your strength and weakness in every subject. Therefore, they can determine if you cheated on homework when you get all answers correct. The best way to avoid suspicion is to get some answers wrong.


Cheating is not a good practice and does not make you smart. The smartest way of doing homework is by doing it yourself. Also, continuous cheating makes you always dependent on others, which can affect your performance in the classwork. If you have difficulties in doing your assignment, you can visit the internet for help. Even if you want help from a friend, do not copy directly from them; instead, let them explain the procedure to you so that you can provide the answers on your own.